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Providing eco-innovative solutions tailored to landowners and operators.

Through partnerships and programs, the Big Sioux River Project is able to provide incentives to landowners and operators in the watershed to implement various BMPs.  These management programs reduce two of the critically identified impairments to the Big Sioux River:  TSS and E. coli.    The presence of E.coli bacteria has the potential to cause harm to human and animal health.  This makes it risky to enjoy the river as a recreational resource as contact with the water and conveyance of bad bacteria into the body brings with it the potential to get sick and a trip to the hospital.

TSS is a measure of water clarity that is impacted by the amount of material suspended in the water.  These materials may include soil (erosion), algae, biological solids, and decaying organic matter.  Where TSS levels exceed the TMDL, the potential for fish to breed and successfully multiply is reduced, which in turn, reduces the beneficial use of the fishery.  Land management practices that reduce erosion, such as cover crops, terracing, grassed waterways, and grass seeding, help get that much closer to meeting the TMDL requirements and create bet

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Landowners, Operators, and Members of the Watershed Community

Without the enthusiastic participation of landowners and operators the project would not be able to improve water quality as much as it has thus far.

 If you are a landowner or operator and would like to work with us, click here.

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