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Seasonal Riparian Area Management

SRAM (pronounced S-RAM) is our most popular buffer program. 

Eligibility Requirements:
• Pasture acres along BSRP priority water bodies, within the 100-year floodplain;
• 30 foot buffer minimum;
• No grazing allowed April 1st through September 30th;
• Haying is allowed beginning June 15th;
• Grazing allowed October 1st through March 31st;
• An alternative water source shall be available; and
• Minimum vegetative stand of 4-6in maintained at all times.


Landowners meeting these eligibility requirements and who are willing to adopt these practices may then be offered a 10 or 15 year contract which includes a one-time, up-front payment of $100-140 per acre per year (e.g. 25 acres enrolled for 10 years at $100/acre = a $25,000 one-time payment).


The BSRP also offers a program called Riparian Area Management (RAM), which was initially created as a compliment to CRP in 2008. Although SRAM was introduced in 2013, it now has the vast majority of enrollment due to the allowed haying and grazing uses. Since 2013, 3,574 acres of land have been enrolled in SRAM and RAM, totaling 745,930 linear feet or 88.8 miles of stream protection.

Landowners appreciate our adaptable approach to buffer programs because they can still utilize their land, in addition to being great for water quality.

Riparian Buffers: Seasonal Riparian Area Management: Accessibility Policy
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SRAM Application

To download and complete a paper application for the SRAM program, please download the file below. Continue scrolling for an electronic SRAM form.  

For examples of a sample SRAM Contract or Management Plan, download from the files below





Before applying for your own SRAM project, please read and understand the following:


Legal Description (Township, Range, Section, and 1/4 Section)

Is the pasture owned or rented by the applicant?

Thanks, we'll be in touch shortly!

Riparian Buffers: Seasonal Riparian Area Management: Job Application
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