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Implemented Spring 2020

Skunk Creek Runs through Legacy Park, as does the Sioux Falls Bike Trail. In Spring of 2020, BSRP worked with the City of Sioux Falls and Public Works to improve drainage, erosion, and the "curb appeal" of a park that sees high water in flood years. Now, there are 5 acres of pollinator habitat and prairie grasses. 

Legacy Park is a great area with accessible fishing, biking (there's even a singletrack for mountain bikers!), walking, and a very special nature area. Check it out for yourself!

Legacy Park Riparian Buffer: Services
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Legacy Park Photos

Want to truly enjoy the songbird habitat at work?  Download the Merlin Bird ID application on your phone, and, on your next trip to Legacy Park, open a new recording to see how many bird songs you can identify!

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